Specialising in CNC Milling components, we have invested in the latest multi axis CNC Milling Machinery. We have also invested in the latest Fusion 360 CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology.

This allows us to manufacture complex CNC machined parts to your specification, accurately, within a fast turnaround in a range of materials. Including but not limited to Plastic, Aluminium and Steel.

A unique service that sits along side our CNC Machining, is that we provide you with a FREE 3D Printed sample of your component before going into production. Giving you the opportunity to test your part in real life and to perfect your design.



A wide range of parts for an ever growing list of industries and have short lead times and competitive costs, for small batch work and one off prototypes. We make the following parts:

  • Robotic fingers and grippers jaws.

  • Smart factory components.

  • Industrial brackets for automation cameras, illumination and sensors.

  • Packing and labelling industry components.

  • Electronics enclosures for military, consumer, automotive and medical, modifying Schroff front panels, replacement custom face plates.

  • EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility parts to include plastic antenna mounts, amplifier cases and test fixtures.

  • 3D Printing Parts for SLS and FDM printers like hot-end, rail mounts, shaft mounts, sensor mounts, motor mounts and much more.